Viscoelastic dynamics of a soft strip subject to a large deformation

guided waves in a soft silicone strip


To produce sounds, we adjust the tension of our vocal folds to shape their properties and control the pitch. This efficient mechanism offers inspiration for designing reconfigurable materials and adaptable soft robots. However, understanding how flexible structures respond to a significant static strain is not straightforward. This complexity also limits the precision of medical imaging when applied to tensioned organs like muscles, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels among others. In this article, we experimentally and theoretically explore the dynamics of a soft strip subject to a substantial static extension, up to 180%. Our observations reveal a few intriguing effects, such as the resilience of certain vibrational modes to a static deformation. These observations are supported by a model based on the incremental displacement theory. This has promising practical implications for characterizing soft materials but also for scenarios where external actions can be used to tune properties.

Soft Matter
Daniel A. Kiefer
Daniel A. Kiefer
Researcher at Institut Langevin

Research in guided elastodynamic waves, fluid-structure interaction, simulation and signal processing for ultrasonic sensors and nondestructive testing.